Flip Chart Review


This review tool from Math Teacher Mambo


and this formative assessment/student engagement reminder tool form Stat Teacher


inspired a chat with @druinok & @gwaddellnvhs during spring semester and led to this flip chart review for AP Statistics.


Ours started at bottom right corner and worked up, then over to bottom of left hand side.  That seems weird to me now, but I think my initial idea was to build the flipchart as we go along, adding cards after each completed unit.

We ended up creating ours late in spring, just weeks prior to AP Exam.  We will create them in one setting, then go back and add information as we complete units.

This was a tool several of my students stated was beneficial to them.  A couple even went on to say, they closed their eyes to visual the flip chart on the exam – which helped ensure all steps on a test or specific details on a response.  They only wished we had created them earlier.

Start with cardstock folded in half.  Wow. That’s exciting.


We attached 26-28 index cards.  Tape first card at bottom.


Next card is placed up just enough to leave space for Chapter & Title.  If using lined cards, you can turn upside down and used top line to add Chapter & Title.


If using pens, make sure ink  won’t bleed through.

The idea is not to include every single detail – but quick reminders, mnemonics, anything they struggled with on the assessment.  I encouraged them to spend 10 minutes each day leading up to the exam.

I also like how Math Teacher Mambo created a flipped video for students to know important things to include.

If I get them started earlier, I will encourage them to spend 10 minutes reading through 3 or 4 times per week.

This envelope attached to inside of INB back cover is perfect for storing the Review Flip Chart.


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  1. I love it! I have used my “flip book” for 2 years now, and it is done after all the calculus topics have been covered. I don’t think it’s as useful as your idea, though, of starting it at the beginning of the year and continually reviewing it. I think there probably are too many students who just did my flip book for credit and didn’t really use it as it should have been used. I also love the index card idea …… Thanks for the tips, and I know my will evolve this year.

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