Knowledge to Action Update #KtA2016


Three months into 2016 and I’m holding myself accountable…where am I in my “Knowledge into Action” challenge?  Reading, Family, Health/Self…


I found a love for reading again, just a few years ago.  I usually have several books going on at once.  Something light to finish the day before I sleep.  Something school-related for challenge and accountability to keep my thinking/planning afresh.  But always trying to read, because its something I feel is important – and I need to model it for my child, my students, my colleagues.

A friend linked me to this challenge by @modernmrsdarcy

Make 2016 your best reading year yet with this reading challenge. It’s simple and doable, but provides the structure you need to approach your reading list with intention in 2016.

I’m not sure that I’ve followed through on each bullet, but here’s my list for 2016, so far:

  • Currently reading, What Papa Told Me, Felice Cohen
    • I am always in awe of the experiences so many have faced in darkness, their perseverance and how they live life on the other side of their journey…
  • Thicker than Blood, CJ Darlington
    • Two sisters, Christy and May, face challenges that different paths in life have brought.   Sometimes the things we fabricate and force our minds to believe are not at all the truth.
  • Shingaling, A Wonder Story, R.J. Palacio
    • The story through Charlotte’s eyes… “Its not enough to be friendly.  You have to be a friend.”
  • The Stain, Harry Kraus
    • A bit bizarre at moments.  I even thought about putting it down, it felt disrespectful to my personal beliefs.  A few times, it lost my interest, but I pushed through and found the end quite intriqueing.
  • Dancing Through Life, Candice Cameron Bure
    • I am a huge DWTS fan and I enjoyed Full House in my younger years.  I appreciate her lessons learned through this experience and getting a view of what the cameras may not have always depicted during DWTS.
  • Still reading, NCTMs Principles to Action Ensuring Mathematical Success for ALL
    • During our online PLCs for our “Snow Days” – our department read/discussed the 8 research based Mathematics Teaching Practices discussed in PtA.  Some great challenges, ideas.  Once again, I am reminded…knowledge is a good thing, but if its not put into practice, its useless. This summer, I plan to finish reading and use it as a guide for my professional growth next school year.
  • Still reading, Embedding Formative Assessment, Wiliam & Leahy
    • I like to read during the school year for accountability and ideas.  However, I get caught up in the everyday tasks and feel overwhelmed because I cannot make needed adjustments quick enough.  This book will also be completed during the summer and guide me in planning for professional growth next school year.
  • Just downloaded to read over Spring Break – To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee.
    • Our 9th graders have just begun this, so I feel it will give me some conversation starters with a few of them in weeks after returning.
  • My 11 year old just shared how much she enjoyed Walk Two Moons, Sharon Creech, in her language arts class at school and suggested I read it.  So it will be next!


Its been a busy and challenging few months.  Being a parent is hard.  I have so much more respect for the job my parents did – how in the world did they survive me?  You hope to raise your child to be independent, hard working.  Yet when they challenge you, its hard not to react at times.  You set boundaries and hope to instill a foundation of respect.  No question, it is the hardest thing I will ever do in this lifetime.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast at our local theater has come and gone.  Sellout crowds for most nights of this musical.  Wow.  What an experience.  So amazed at the level of talent in our small community.  Just this past week, she auditioned for The Little Mermaid coming up in August!  She’s crazy creative.

Piano – S has taken a whole new level of interest.  She will sit and play for hours.  Its so soothing and enjoyable to listen.  I am grateful she has a love that will allow her to develop her talent.

Percussion / Band – I ran across a list of goals she has written from 6th grade through senior year.  Attainable, yet challenging as well.  Very proud of her and her growth with a new set of instruments.

Travel to visit my brother’s family just east of St. Louis.  Such good, quality time to enjoy them and their boys.  Very proud of the work and service they are doing in their own community.

My husband’s passion for fishing.  Just the other day, we were talking about the time he and his fishing buddy both landed double catches in a single cast on the same outing.  This week, one evening he came in, with a picture…another double catch in a single cast.  No one loves fishing like my guy does.  Grateful he has the opportunity to enjoy it.


At my last vitality check, all numbers are still improving.  Total cholesterol is within a healthy range, but LDL is slightly above where we want it.  Gluocose is at 101…almost there!  BMI, no longer in high risk and I am 5 pounds from my second goal.

Activity level is still not where it needs to be, but with warmer weather finally hear, I intend to change that in the next couple of months.

A good issue is having a “new” wardrobe – lots of fun, spring / summer dresses I’ve not worn for a while.  Bad issue (but good) I’ve surpassed my back-up “small” sized pants/shorts – not a fan of wearing belts to keep my britches up.  Trying to wait a few weeks for some better sales.


And I brought the ukelele home from school…my challenge, to pick it up and learn to play something this next week!

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